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LearnCube's AI Teacher Assistant

Imagine creating high-quality, personal exercises for students without ever having to type a word... that's what LearnCube's AI Teacher Assistant can do for you and the teachers you employ. Even if you run a large language business, you can now make every lesson feel like it was made especially for the individual. This technology will transform your teaching and your business. Don't delay. Try it today.

Make Every Class Personal

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Make your lessons and business stand out using AI

Made specifically for language teaching
Generate bespoke exercises in seconds
Easy to use and formatted to fit the whiteboard
Exercises are automatically saved for future use in your Library
Affordable at a fraction of the price of ChatGPT Plus
Content is editable, giving teachers control
And we're just getting started!

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What is an AI Teacher Assistant?

LearnCube's vision is to support and empower human teachers with artificial intelligence, and our AI Teacher Assistant is our first step in transforming the future of online language teaching.   

Teachers can use our Assistant to generate completely personal exercises for students before, during, or after an online class in just seconds. For example, if an English student is interested in surfing and wants to practice the past simple, LearnCube's AI Teacher Assistant can generate a customised exercise based on these criteria. 

Teachers have full control to edit the AI's response before publishing it to the interactive Whiteboard. This content is automatically saved in the teacher Library so your repertoire of resources will expand as you teach.

AI-Powered Teachers

The best teachers empowered by the best technology

What can you do with LearnCube's AI Teacher Assistant?

Our AI Teacher Assistant is intuitive and produces the highest quality exercises a language teacher could ask from the current technology.  There is plenty of variety in the exercises to keep your students engaged and motivated. Ask for content in English, French, Spanish, German, and more languages to follow.

Here are just some of the exercises you can choose from:

Word Match
A simple matching exercise based on your target vocabulary
Fill-in-the-blank Exercise
Perfect for introducing new words and phrases
Writing Prompt
Get your student practicing writing based on their interests and needs
Grammar Exercise
Strengthen students' grammar skills with targeted practice exercises
Reading Text
Teachers can do so much with real-world relevant text, tailored to their student's needs
Reading Comprehension
Generate unique reading comprehension exercises in seconds
Reading Comprehension (True/False)
Add true or false questions to a personalised reading text.
Smart Highlighter
Highlight to capture vocabulary
Edit View
Preview all responses privately
Build your own library
Every exercise is saved for future use
Unlimited Requests*
Make Every Lesson Personal

Created by online teachers, for online teachers

Exercises in Library AI Assistant - Tall

Make every student feel special with this world-first AI tool for teachers and language business owners. Do this, and your students and business will thrive.

The first AI Assistant for synchronous language teaching
Cutting edge technology that's simple to use
Scalable solution for tailoring lessons to the individual
Add value to your teachers and clients
Gain the (AI) advantage over competitors

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